Wouldn't it be nice

Active ministries change. All the time. The old churches have new problems, and new churches have old problems, and often, the answers are out there. (but where?) Wouldn't it be nice if those resources were coalesced into one place - by people who have done the work - by people who have learned the hard way.

That's what lutherantools.org is designed to be. You have expertise in some areas, but may not have expertise in others. Share what you know, learn what you don't. We don't publish anything that isn't valuable, and we strive for the highest-quality content. It's time for your to add yours.

Who are we?

Lutherantools.org is associated with the Atlantic District - LCMS. It's designed especially for ministry leaders, pastors and others who wish to learn, study and equip themselves with the skills and resources needed for a vibrant ministry.