Covid-19 Out-of-School Resources

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Mar 22, 2020

It's rough out there. Across the country, and world - everyone's hunkering-down (as we need to for now) but staying at home can have it's own challenges. Here are some resources specifically targeted at families. One of our congregations' resident counselors has collected some resources that you will find helpful:

For Students Stuck at Home


Online games to help students in grades K-8 improve social and emotional skills. These games are fun for students, automatically gather data so educators can monitor progress, and include supplemental lessons to reinforce learning.

Rethink Ed

Rethink Ed’s evidence-based, technology-driven solutions are developed by leading experts in Social and Emotional Learning, Behavior Management and Special Education and are designed to increase student engagement and motivation, accelerate social and emotional learning, instill growth mindset in students, and encourage positive behavior.

Respectful Ways

Offers social-emotional learning (SEL) curriculum to help your children learn how to persevere, give respect, take on responsibility and show compassion.


Helps children become successful, compassionate, caring, and empathetic citizens of the world. All content is designed with early childhood education experts, teachers, parents, and with the help of students themselves, and include evidence-based research.


Aims to provide students with engaging, age-respectful and appropriate learning solutions to maximize intellectual growth and allow for the most productive and fulfilling life.

Social and Emotional Resources

...for parents and students when school is closed

My kid’s school is closed, so now what?

Helping your child cope with stress during the outbreak

Managing Covid-19 anxiety

Talking to your children about the corona virus

Social Story about Coronavirus- Younger Children

Coronavirus Social Story by KeshetChicago

Reducing stress

Mindfulness to reduce stress

Helping kids manage anxiety around the Coronavirus (3 expert videos)

Social Emotional Learning Activities

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