Drive-in Worship Services

Victor Nelson
Senior Pastor, Cairo NY
Jun 12, 2020

Restrictions on capacity in worship during the Covid-19 pandemic has inspired a unique solution here at Resurrection Lutheran Church in Cairo New York

We began our drive-in worship services on May 24, 2020. On that date, there were two services with a total of 110 people in attendance (55 cars). The cars parked in our field, 10 feet apart from each other. The pastors conducted the service through a radio transmitter. The congregation listened through their car radios. We take the Covid-19 threat very seriously for the members of our church and community. Therefore the services are Safe, Smart, Short, and Sacred.

By Safe, we mean that we will follow the “drive-in church” guidelines as developed by Chemung County. We will exceed their recommendations by spacing the cars with 10 feet of fresh air between. Of course, anyone with even a sniffle should stay home.

By Smart, we mean that we will be wise in all the aspects of the service so that there will be no risk. No one should leave their cars. Masks, hand sanitizer, and gloves will be available and used by the four parking assistants. Every part of this service is carefully planned out and practiced beforehand. The parking places are marked.

By Short, we mean the service lasts no longer than 45 minutes, again with people staying in their cars. The service is similar to what we are used to: hymns, confession and forgiveness, prayers, scripture readings, an offering, children’s message and sermon.

By Sacred, we mean that the conduct and dignity of this service is worthy of the honor and respect due to God. God will be present to encourage His people.

Holy Communion will be offered on the first and third Sundays, using prepackaged communion elements. These will be distributed with gloves and masks.

Major Things to consider: radio transmitter, bad weather, adequate and safe parking.

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