Virtual Prayer Meeting

Robert Hartwell
Sr. Pastor, Bronxville NY
Jun 26, 2020

Village Lutheran Church in Bronxville has been holding a Virtual Prayer Meeting every Monday evening since the COVID 19 has led to a shutdown of gatherings in the church.

Pastor Rob Hartwell is finding this a valuable way to provide pastoral care by gathering the church family together around prayer.

During the week, members and friends of VLC are encouraged to submit prayer needs to the church office for inclusion in the Monday evening prayer meeting. Out of respect for members who may not have access to the internet, the pastors decided to keep this virtual meeting “low tech”, enabling members to access the prayer meeting by phone, making use of “Free Conference” The service is short and simple, following the order of Litany (LSB pp 288-289). A brief devotional meditation is shared along with the prayers that have been submitted. The service concludes with the Lord’s Prayer and Benediction. The entire prayer service lasts 20-25 minutes. 

For more information about the Virtual Prayer Meeting at Village Lutheran Church, please call the church office: 914/337-0207.

Robert Hartwell

Rev. Hartwell is Sr. Pastor at Village Lutheran Church in Bronxville, NY

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