Education and Graduation Ceremonies in the Age of Covid-19

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Jul 11, 2020

Graduations and Education Ceremonies are an important part of our young people's development, marking successes and advancement. The Lutheran School of Flushing and Bayside had a plan...

The onset of the coronavirus crisis has altered educational delivery throughout the world. A recent interview with LSFB’s Principal Pia Haselbach demonstrated the creativity that has been required in the last four months.

“I’ve lived at school during COVID,” said Pia. “We’re trying to be very creative but it takes a lot of work!” She praised the school’s faculty for their speedy transition to deliver curriculum online and otherwise meet the needs of the students and families.

On June 13th, the school’s innovation was on display during its 8th Grade Graduation Ceremony. Normally LSFB’s commencement happens in the church sanctuary but it could not happen this year due to social distancing and gathering size restrictions. Thankfully, the school is blessed with a large Great Lawn which allowed the 9 graduates and families (3 per graduate) to be socially distanced. Each family’s location was marked with a lawn sign featuring their graduate’s picture. Hymns were sung from behind custom face masks imprinted with “LSFB 2020.” Special medals were presented to the graduates to wear on their robes and serve as a memory of this extraordinary year. The ceremony was both livestreamed and recorded to allow more family and friends in on the action. “Gramma in Timbuktu could watch their grandchild graduate,” said Pia.

Great ideas often arise out of necessity and this may be the case for LSFB, especially the use of the Great Lawn for ceremonies. And these students may have learned an even more important lesson from Ms. Haselbach who told them, “You have to think positively. We WILL come through this!”

For more information and pictures, check out the school’s Facebook page or contact Pia at

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