Jesus’ Love in Action: Food Pantry at St. John’s, Holbrook

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Jul 22, 2020

Many churches have operated food banks for years, but the need that has arisen during the Covid-19 Pandemic have put economic strain on many families. This is how St. John's stepped up to the plate to help fill the need...

For many years, St. John’s, Holbrook has served its community through a Food Pantry which operates from the basement of the Parish House. Since mid March when COVID 19 led to rising unemployment, the number of people served by this food pantry has increased from 400 to 600 each month.

St. John’s Food Pantry is stocked by regional food banks and other donations. Funding from grants has also enabled the church to furnish the pantry with shelving and purchase other supplies enabling this ministry to run efficiently.

The Food Pantry is operated by volunteers from the church. People interested in acquiring food from the pantry simply call a number designated for St. John’s Food Pantry and leave a message. A volunteer will return the call and schedule an appointment for pick up. This arrangement provides specific times for volunteers to be present at the food pantry and also accommodates the need for social distancing by limiting the number of customers at any given time.

Publicity is simple, but effective. A sign is posted in front of St. John’s informing the community about the Food Pantry. Regional food banks also list St. John’s Food Pantry as one of the community resources.

Although customers at St. John’s Food Pantry may not necessarily worship at St. John’s, the Food Pantry serves as a tangible witness of Jesus’ love, meeting the needs in their community particularly during these troubled times.

For more information about the Food Pantry at St. John’s Holbrook contact Pastor George Kirkup at 631/588-6050 or

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