Alpha/Beta Discipling

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Sep 23, 2020

For Christians just starting out on their journey of faith, to those who are seeking to demonstrate their faith in new ways, Pastors Neil Mittelstaedt and Greg Finke have developed and are leading two programs to suit

Alpha/Beta Discipling Process

What? “Discipling is Jesus’ process of showing the people of God how participate in the mission of God as a daily lifestyle.”

The Beta Discipling Process is an intensive discipleship program designed to help Christians to join with Jesus on his mission. It follows on with people attending the Alpha Course which is a 14 week course on the basic introduction to the Christian Life. In the Alpha course, folks are invited to ask their most basic questions about the faith in a non-judgemental format. The atmosphere is fun and relational. After they have taken the course, they are invited to learn how to put into practice all they have learned.

They learn to seek his kingdom, hear from Jesus by reading the Scriptures, hang out with non-Christians, serve others, and learn to pray more purposefully.

Why? In this secular world, Christians need to learn to be followers of Jesus and witnesses to him. This process helps to be faithful disciples of our time.

Who? This is designed for Christians, new or experienced, to grow in relational evangelism.

Where? A small group of up to 10 people meet in homes to study and grow as disciples.

When? The group meets every week. Now with COVID, meetings are outside or if necessary, on Zoom.

How? This program is led by Neil Mittelstaedt with design assistance from Greg Finke, LCMS Pastor, (author of Joining Jesus on His Mission). You may contact Neil, for further information and questions.

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