40 Days with Jesus and His Mercy

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Jan 23, 2019

A collection of devotions, bible studies and sermon outlines to help walk you through the 40 days of Lent exploring Jesus and His mercy.

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40 Days of thoughtful Lenten devotions

Bible Studies

Weekly devotions exploring the theme of the week

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Themed outlines for each week

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This is an Atlantic District initiated Lenten program designed for all congregations to use during Lent, 2019 (concluding Easter Sunday).

What is it?

This Lenten program is composed of three parts. Pastors may select any or all parts. The three parts are the sermon based upon the lectionary assigned Gospel, a daily devotional reading (composed by 20 pastors and commissioned ministers of our District), and a connected six session Bible study.

Each Sunday’s message in Lent will set forth the theme for the coming week, a certain dynamic about the mercy of Jesus. Through the Word and Sacrament, EACH SUNDAY IS AN OPPORTUNITY TO EXPERIENCE THE MERCY OF JESUS.

Our daily devotional plan is to give the participant the opportunity to READ of the mercy of Jesus and to “see” it through His Word, as His living Word shows Jesus in action. Readers are encouraged to daily RECEIVE the mercy of Jesus, and to daily RESPOND TO OTHERS who need His mercy.

WEEKLY BIBLE STUDIES (small group or large group) will also be part of this opportunity to get to know the mercy of Jesus better. Participants will examine, discuss and wrestle with contemporary applications of the mercy of Jesus

Weekly Themes

  • Lent 1 The Mercy of His Forgiveness
  • Lent 2 The Mercy of His Presence
  • Lent 3 The Mercy of His Patience
  • Lent 4 The Mercy of His Welcome
  • Lent 5 The Mercy of His Giving
  • Lent 6 The Mercy of His Death
  • Easter The Mercy of His Resurrection

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