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A Reading plan for the Easter Season that will lead you through all four Gospels, complete with weekly bible studies

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Summertime Sparks at LUHI
Sep 23, 2020 by Site Mechanic
Who needs summer vacation? This update from Long Island Lutheran Middle & High School describes an innovative way to keep students and families connected during the restrictions of the 2020 pandemic (and perhaps beyond) through art, academic inquiry and Christian growth.
Trinity Lutheran International
Sep 23, 2020 by Site Mechanic
With this story of challenge turned opportunity, Pastor Patrick Singh and his church find a way to continue worship and expand their reach during the pandemic
Alpha/Beta Discipling
Sep 23, 2020 by Site Mechanic
For Christians just starting out on their journey of faith, to those who are seeking to demonstrate their faith in new ways, Pastors Neil Mittelstaedt and Greg Finke have developed and are leading two programs to suit
Connected Seniors at Redeemer
Sep 23, 2020 by Site Mechanic
All our lives and routines have been adjusted by the pandemic; quarantines, social distancing and limitations on gatherings have been a challenge to overcome - especially for seniors. Read how the Seniors at Redeemer have developed clever ways to stay connected
Communion during the Time of Covid – Two Methods
Jul 27, 2020 by Site Mechanic
When the people of God need more strength than ever, we need the Lord's Supper more than ever - but how? St James on Long Island and St Paul's in Saratoga have risen to the challenge...
Jesus’ Love in Action: Food Pantry at St. John’s, Holbrook
Jul 22, 2020 by Site Mechanic
Many churches have operated food banks for years, but the need that has arisen during the Covid-19 Pandemic have put economic strain on many families. This is how St. John's stepped up to the plate to help fill the need...

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