Cultivating a Thankful Life

Victor Nelson
Senior Pastor, Cairo NY
Oct 07, 2019

A four-part course focused on building an attitude of gratitude

Cultivating a Thankful Life

Living a thankful life is most important for your spiritual and emotional health. The human default position is one of taking for granted all the blessings that God as given to us. So how do we become more aware of the gifts God gives and respond with thankfulness? This four session course is designed to encourage a lifelong attitude of gratitude. October or November are great months to grow in thanksgiving.

Session Titles

  • Session 1: Our Need to Give Thanks
  • Session 2: Giving Thanks for Our Daily Bread
  • Session 3: Giving Thanks for Our Salvation
  • Session 4: Giving Thanks in All Circumstances

Each session has take-home thankful steps to help grow in thankfulness. Written by Pastor Victor Nelson, Resurrection Lutheran Church, Cairo, NY.

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Victor Nelson

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