Parables: Truths from the Master Teacher

Tom Roemke
AD-LCMS Task Force 2
Oct 07, 2019

This six session study based on the Parables of Jesus is designed for Small Groups.  Each session provides for active discussion and includes a homework component that challenges participants to dig into the Word, seeking application to their lives.

Earthly Stories, Heavenly Meanings. Jesus used parables to link spiritual truths with relatable life experiences. This study in 6 parts explores parables that were useful in Jesus' time - and ours!

Session Titles

  • Session 1: Receptivity to God's Word
  • Session 2: Rebellion/Repentance/Restoration
  • Session 3: Who is my Neighbor?
  • Session 4: What Matters?
  • Session 5: Forgiveness, Part 2
  • Session 6: He is Returning

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Tom Roemke

Tom is a member of the Atlantic District LC-MS Task Force 2, focusing on church revitalization and continuing education

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